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Rit is series of works that accomplished with the Family Portrait project. It is about rituals.

The rituals documented were common daily actions (daily rituals) or  special actions in a religious ceremony.

Once performed, a ritual is shaping you in another entity, taking yourself a certain role.

Here are some sketches, drawings, documentary photos and film.


childhood stories

Childhood stories series of works are remembered phrases of my grandmothr's stories turned into images. Is my interpretation of facts she used to tell us about when explaining that the world is place full of unseen spirits.

She claimes to have seen them and the name for those are "zmeu". The "zmeu" is an evil spirit also known as Satan, but the roots of this fearfull character is much older than Chirstianity. He is a horn headed person, all black; crossing a green area, it would burn it. He also has the ability to fly up in the sky diguised as a fireball.

He is also the one who steals your soul, giving you instead a disease that you carry all your life. Fighting this disease is living a life full of limitations such as bathing only in your own house no matter what, changing your birthname ant other rules that ight seem strange to an individual today.



Water ritual is a performed action taking place on a river after 40 days from passing away, performed by the family of the dead. It is said to be the farewell that the living are taking from their loved one who recently died. It is belived that during 40 days since burial the his soul shall wonder through the sites where he spent his life. After this ritual he goes to heaven, being released...

Is a Romanian ritual.

Photographed and audio recorded at the scene, in 2009, January


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